Competitive World Of LoL

We got a lot of work to do. [Sauce] Come on, Sergei. Damn shame. I’m sorry guys. I’ll get it. I’m just– I’m just used to playing solo. [Becca] It’s fine, Greg. [bleep] Tommy shouldn’t have sprung a bunch of scrimmages – on us week one anyway. – Yeah um… about that. Look, I don’t want to overstep my bounds, but it feels like Tommy may at times um… get in the way– – Oh, he [bleep] us up big time. – Yeah. OK, that. So one might argue that [bleep] us up doesn’t contribute to a healthy work environment, you know what I mean? And it feels like this whole system is a little… [Becca] Greg, with all due respect, the whole team hates you, and Tommy pays the rent, so if you think you’ve got a solution then be my guest. Make it happen. Hm. [Squib] Yeah, yeah. A few of the cyclist may have caught on fire but 5% is not a bad rate. [indistinct voice on phone] Oh. 5% didn’t catch on fire. [door knocking] [Squib] Yeah, I gotta call you back. – Who are you? – Greg Davidson, newest member of Team Sorcerer. Oh, yeah, hey.

How are you? Today, I would like to talk to you about team management. [ ♪ from laptop ] – The keys to team success are… – positive morale and… making sure that each team member perform a role that caters to their strengths. Right now, you are ruling by… – [screams from laptop] – Fear. But imagine an environment with a structured, predictable schedule, sympathetic treatment for individual members, and everyone having their own toothbrush, maybe. With these and a few other easy steps I think you may have a… – [cheering from laptop] – Slam dunk. – I like what you said about the slam dunk. – Oh, thank you. You know, a lot of people don’t come at me like this. – Takes a lot of guts. – Oh. – Greg right? – Greg, yes. Well, Greg you have earned my respect, and with that respect I can respectfully say to your face… Hellz naw.

Get the [bleep] out of here. Um… OK well, what about the fact that what you’re doing is highly illegal, and if I reported you to the Department of Labor you’d be liable for thousands of dollars in fines. Hmm. – [Becca] No side jobs at all? – Mhmm. And I even got Tommy to pay for a house cleaner. Say hello to Eduardo! [chuckles] – Hey! – How about that, Eduardo? – Back on your feet already! – Yeah, my last year was full-time. These are just two days a month. – [Becca] Alright. – [bleep] yeah! – Hey. – Yeah. Welcome to Sorcerer. [bleep] Obi-Wan’s ghost, you did good. [Greg] Thanks. See, you guys were worried about the Greg era, but the Greg era is good, right? High fives… For the Greg era? [ theme ♪ ]