Life Of A Pro Gamers

OK, who’s the new one? Oh, I thought you were somebody’s dad. Old-looking mother– [chuckles] So I scheduled a couple of scrimmages with some teams for the rest of the week, and your first is going to be Storm Nine at 11AM. [stammering] What? 11AM today? No-no, that’s in 10 minutes. We haven’t even practiced together yet. So… click the bad guys, or whatever y’all do. You damn nerds are so difficult. Oh, did I happen to tell you guys about my new app that can deliver gas to your car – wherever it’s parked? – Aren’t their apps that already do that? Yes, but they use cars. So they burn gas to deliver gas. Stupid. My app is called Gas Bags. We use bicycles. Oh, I’m gonna need one of y’all to bike around the neighborhood a little later with a couple of trash bags full of gasoline. [rattling] – Ugh. – My man. [cell phone rings] That’s right.

Oh, Khaled. Yo, yo, we the best. [whispers] Get to work. He makes you guys drive bags of gas around? Yeah. There’s a lot of crazy [bleep] we have to do for his businesses. We walk dogs. We’ve tended bar at his chain restaurants. We’ve been personal trainers, but what are you gonna do? He pays the bills, you know. So Greg, um, what do you play? Healer? Support? Oh. Uh… I like the more futuristic characters, – like that lizard guy. – The lizard guy? Da’ [bleep]? [Becca] Greg, at least tell me do you play DPS or… [Greg breathes in] Great. Follow everybody else. Just log in. We’ll just work around whatever character Greg picks. [gameplay sound] – Um… why aren’t you logged in yet? – Oh, one sec, just recovering my password. [chuckling] – You don’t know your password? – Oh, I just always forget it, so it’s easier for me to just do the password recovery thing every time I log in. – [bleep] Maester Pycelle. – OK, I’m in. [Becca]

Great, that took long enough. OK. DaveFu, you got heels. Sauce, you tank. Kosmo you rove. Ooh, can I be this pointy black wizard guy? [sighs] ♪ Is he usually the pointy black wizard? ♪ OK DaveFu keep pushing top. Sauce, use your special. – BluesTraveler, gimme a buff! – A buff? – Press E. – Oooh, the ice cream magic. Looks like ice cream to me. [chuckles] – Aaaaand that’s GG. – OK, but now I know. ♪ [grunting] That’s… I’m going to try and sneak into their base. It’ll be 1 v 3. You’ll get killed. No, no, no. It works sometimes. – [Greg] OK, I got killed. – [game voice] Defeat. – GG. – [foreign language] W-[bleep]-P. [snoring] [choking, distant dance music playing] Come on guys, I think we can win this one. [Becca] Nope. GG. We lost it. So bad. [beep] [Alt Trash] No one light a match! [Becca] And in the final match of the week, that’s another– – G-[bleep]-G! – [Becca] Ugh! [Greg] By the way, we always type GG at the end. – What does that stand for?